1. Page Load Speed

Mobile users want answers fast. They are likely to leave your site if they can’t get the information quickly. 3 seconds or less is the ideal load time.  Here are links to FREE TOOLS to test your site:


Google PageSpeed Tester 


Suggestions to make your site faster:

  • Optimize your images
  • Compress files
  • Change web host

2. Use Simplified Navigation

Mobile viewers are in a hurry and often distracted. The simpler the navigation the better. The quicker to understand the better.

  • Make it simple.
  • Don’t make it too large or too long.
  • List important things first.
  • Make it easy to find information they are looking for.
  • Don’t make people scroll from side to side.
  • Use Hamburger menus

3. Use Call To Action Buttons

Understand why consumers visit your site and what information they are looking for. Add buttons with Call To Actions easy to find. Make these buttons scalable (don’t use image buttons)

3. Less Content Can Be More

Mobile screens are smaller. Don’t overload your site with too much content. Keep things short and easy to find. Keep content “above the fold” – so they don’t have to scroll to find the information

4. De-clutter Your Design

Don’t overly clutter your site with too many big bold elements. Use them sparingly so the site isn’t visually overwhelming people.

5. Fewer Fonts

The number of fonts effects load times. Instead of more fonts, use 2-3. Try different stylings of the same font. Sans-serif fonts are usually better for legibility. View Font choices here

Google Fonts

Adobe TypeKit

6. Eye-catching Visual Cues

Make use of bold, eye catching visual cues to help indicate a hover, selection, or a load. This can be a color change, a movement, or other that provides the important visual cue.

7. Mobile Test Your Own Site

While your site may look good on a desktop or laptop, make sure you test your site from a tablet or smart phone to make sure everything works, shows and moves like intended. Things like forms, links, image scaling can all play a factor.